Pro-Contracts Figures Rise

By: Sarah Stonehouse |
10/12/10 |
League Football Education

Figures published by League Football Education for the 2009–10 season show a rise in the number of Professional contracts offered to Apprentice players.

Information gathered though LFE’s post Apprenticeship Tracking and Monitoring process has shown that the number of players obtaining a contract has risen from around 40% in 2009 to 45% for last season.

575 Apprentices completed the Apprenticeship in 2010 and 257 players went on to sign professional terms in England or overseas.

224 of that number signed contracts with the Club at which they trained on their Apprenticeship, while a further 33 players found full-time deals at other Clubs.

LFE helps released players move back in to the game at the highest level possible by supporting them through Assessment Trials and the development of online football CV’s designed to showcase their football skills.