LFE's New Jobs Board Facility

By: Elaine Brand |
16/12/10 |
Progression Jobs Board

LFE has acted to support Apprentices moving away from the game by creating a new addition to the Progression strategy.

An online Jobs Board is now available under the Progression tab on the website at www.lfe.org.uk/progression/recruitment.

LFE’s Jobs Board houses opportunities for Apprentices in the following areas: Employment, Education, Training and Sport.

This new facility allows Apprentices to search for local listings and provides the descriptions, requirements and the details on how to apply for available opportunities.

This comes as a direct response to LFE findings during the Tracking and Monitoring survey.

The figures revealed that 271 Apprentices were released by their Club in June 2010 and providing positive and realistic progression routes to this pool of talented youngsters is the next step.

The LFE Progression strategy includes annual Career Events, Assessment Trials, the Leonardo Mobility Programme, Progression Partnerships and now the addition of the online Jobs Board.