LFE's Club Guidance and Apprentice Handbooks Are Now Available

By: Simon Williams |
05/07/11 |
Club Guidance and Apprentice Handbooks

LFE has released it’s Club Guidance Handbook and Apprentice Handbook for the start of the new season. Both publications are now available and can be found in the ‘Downloads’ section of the website.

The Club Guidance Handbook is intended to provide a definitive guide to all elements of the ASE programme from the perspective of the Football League Club and should be used as the first port of call in the event of any queries that might arise during the day-to-day delivery of the programme. Hard copies will be sent to all Football League Clubs.

The Club Guidance Handbook can be viewed by clicking here.

The purpose of the Apprentice Handbook is to provide Apprentices with specific information about the content of their training programme and make them aware of their rights and responsibilities whilst on the programme. All Apprentices coming onto the ASE programme in 2011 will receive a copy of the handbook in their logbook.

The Apprentice Handbook can be viewed by clicking here.