Kick It Out Week of Action Announcement

By: Steve Sutcliffe |
09/10/07 |
Kick It Out

As the Kick It Out Week of Action approaches, LFE is pleased to announce that an activity book has now been produced for Apprentice Footballers and Clubs containing information and activities that can be carried out during the week.

The activity book along with Kick It Out branded apparel and merchandise will soon be dispatched to clubs and the activities contained may be arranged in conjunction with your Football Clubs Community Scheme, Centre of Excellence or Education Provider.

The activity book will provide clear instructions and materials to undertake all of the following activities:

  • Apprentices to deliver a presentation about KIO and Equality & Diversity (10 mins)
  • Apprentices to deliver a quick quiz (10 mins)
  • Apprentices to run a coaching session (60 mins)
  • Feedback & Evaluation (10 mins)

This format represents the opportunity to incorporate Equality and Diversity awareness work into the qualifications already contained within the ASE framework and LFE is pleased to endorse the work done by Kick It Out while providing Apprentices and Clubs with opportunities to stimulate debate and awareness around Equality and Diversity issues and the ethos of Kick It Out.

The presentation is available for all Apprentices and Clubs to download here and supporting notes for the presentation are provided in the activity book