Jason Lee Set For Mentoring Role

By: Simon Williams |
13/03/14 |

Image from PA Photos

Jason Lee, former professional footballer turned Equalities Education Executive for The PFA, has agreed to play a mentoring role at Create Your Legacy when it takes place on 27 March 2014 at the University of Warwick.

Lee, along with other ex-professionals, will team up with DKHLT’s former Olympians to deliver workshops which hone in on the importance of developing an alternative career plan away from competitive sport at a professional level.

Having amassed over 650 appearances playing for eighteen clubs including Nottingham Forest, Charlton Athletic, Peterborough United, Southend United, Watford and Notts County, Lee can relate to the situation young players are in and will use this experience to encourage a ‘plan b’ mindset.

“As someone who has been through the system and played at a high level I can let players know the reality of the situation when they come out of the bubble that is professional football,” said Lee.

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