His Story: Ben Dyson

27/11/11 |
Ben Dyson

Ben Dyson joined Stockport County in the summer of 2009 from school. Despite a promising start to his apprenticeship an injury in a Youth Alliance fixture derailed his football progress.

The 2010 – 11 season saw Dyson’s club Stockport in trouble on and off the pitch.
With the club’s finances in a perilous position star players were sold off, Managers came and went and it was no surprise to see the club relegated to the Blue Square Premier in May 2011 and life outside the Football League for the first time in 106 years.

The writing had been on the wall for some time however and Dyson had already made alternative arrangements for this. Eight months before he was officially due to finish his apprenticeship Dyson had started making preparations to study at University.

“I was injured quite a lot when I was at Stockport so I had already started to think what life might be like away from football,” said Dyson.

“I think that with the difficulties that Stockport faced last year it would have been foolish for any player there to not consider what else was out there.”

After going through a number of University prospectuses and applying for various courses he was made a conditional offer to study on A Business & Management degree at MMU. The condition, he had to gain a triple distinction in his BTEC National Diploma.

Now a couple of months in to his Fresher year Dyson is pleased he made the effort and insists MMU is a great place to study.

“It was an easy decision to come to MMU. The University has just spent £300,000 on a graduate incubator to help those looking to set-up their own businesses and plans for a new £75m Business School are well underway.”

“Manchester is now the second largest financial and professional services centre in the UK after London so with the functional and analytical skills that I should develop on the course I’d like to think I’ll be well prepared for the future,” he added.

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