Garnett Hails Trials

By: Steve Sutcliffe |
08/05/15 |

Tranmere Rovers academy manager Shaun Garnett has hailed the Assessment Trials labelling the events as “ a great tool” for players and “for recruitment.”

LFE put on four regional trials over the last week. The events which started at Bradford last Thursday, have also taken in Staines and Port Vale before concluding at Walsall last night.

Speaking at Vale Park, Garnett said:“With our club we have to look at developing players.

“It’s a great environment where we can look at potential. We have to look at potential of players and development in those players. I’ve come to this event for several years now and it’s a great tool for the boys and I think it’s a great tool for recruitment.”

To watch Shaun Garnett’s interview please click below.