Gallery: If U Care Share Visit Wolves

By: Jack Wylie |
17/08/16 |

Wolves’ Under-18 players have been looking at emotional well-being as part of LFE’s Life Skills programme, with the help of If U Care Share.

The foundation is run with the view of supporting young people that are dealing with mental health issues and gave the apprentices the chance to increase their awareness of the subject.

Session leader Matthew Smith told LFE: “The workshop that we do is an emotional and mental health workshop.

“It’s just over an hour, all about giving the lads something to think about regarding their emotions. We all have emotions, whether they be positive or negative, but how we deal with them is the most important thing.

“The key message is just about talking about how you feel and maybe when things are getting a bit too much or you’re struggling a bit more, it’s just about talking about them struggles. We really do believe that having a conversation can save a life.”

Here are a selection of images from the If U Care Share session: