Full House For Sky Blues

By: Steve Sutcliffe |
20/09/09 |
Coventry City

LFE would like to extend its congratulations to Coventry City after all ten 2nd-year Apprentices completed and signed off the NVQ logbook this week in anticipation of completing their Apprenticeship next summer.

The Apprentices and support staff have put in a great deal of hard work to finalise the logbook work early and are the first group of the 2008 cohort to have their NVQ certificated.

Coventry’s Education & Welfare Officer and Tutor Supervisor, Keith Newbold said:

“The ten Apprentices showed a determination to complete their NVQ work early so that they could concentrate on their football, secure professional contracts or explore other career routes in the spring of 2010.”

“They elected to be educated on a number of occasions in smaller groups of 2, 3 & 4 for some of the 8 units, particularly ES5, ES6 and ES7. Financial planning for the future seems more realistic when explained in a small group.”

The combined effort from the support staff and Apprentices contributed to the early success despite some Apprentices regularly taking part in first team training.

Keith added:

“They are all to be congratulated on a good team effort.”

Coventry City