Education Support Fund 2016-17

By: Steve Sutcliffe |
01/09/16 |

LFE’s Education Support Fund will continue to operate throughout the 2016-17 season, helping clubs to improve their apprenticeship programmes and the support they offer to young players.

Apple MacBooks, iPads, filming towers, video cameras, microphones, mobile whiteboards, outward bound days, nutrition and cooking classes, lab sessions, speed testing and heart-rate monitors are just some of the items that have been acquired by clubs using the fund in recent years.

While full details of this year’s fund will be communicated to clubs next month (October), LFE chief executive Alan Sykes is hopeful that clubs will once again take advantage of the fund and in particular look to bolster their IT capacities.

“Great strides have been made to increase e-learning resources and qualifications and clubs need to ensure that they are in a position to embrace these within their apprenticeship programmes,” Sykes said.

“E-learning and supported learning provide numerous benefits and flexibility around the academic programme.

“We want clubs to utilise the fund to strengthen and enhance what they can deliver. Since it was set-up in 2006, this support has taken many forms and if a club finds a new innovative way to improve their programme we will support it, if we can. Ultimately, our key criteria will be how any proposal benefits the education provision and apprentices,” he added.

Any queries should be directed to Alan Sykes on 01772 326 870 or email: