Derby Starlets Caught On Camera

By: Steve Sutcliffe |
06/11/13 |
Sam Dryden

Derby County fans are becoming better acquainted with their club’s Under-18 players thanks to the DCTV, the club’s official television channel.

The usual match-day programme pen pic profiles have been consigned to the past in the East Midlands.

Instead Darren Wassall’s youth-team squad have been keeping busy by lifting the lid on life at the Championship club and talking to the club’s media team about themselves.

Irish forward Darryl Carrigy, defender Jamie Hanson and full-back Sam Dryden, who has recently signed up for blogging duties with League Football Education, for the remainder of the 2012-13 campaign – were among the first in front of the camera’s at the Rams, Moor Farm Training Centre.

To see how Sam, Darryl and Jamie got on (not to mention a little bit of ball juggling antics), watch the video’s below: