Big Freeze Causes Fixture Mayhem

By: Elaine Brand |
03/12/10 |

The arctic weather conditions across the country are likely to cause havoc to this weekend’s Youth Alliance and Academy fixtures.

And with the freezing temperatures set to continue there are football matches across the land that are likely to fall foul of the weather.

Many Football League matches have already been postponed including some Championship fixtures and it is likely that most, if not all, of the Youth Alliance and Academy fixtures will be wiped out.

With fixtures set to be rearranged for dates later in the season the frustrating part for Clubs and players is the inability to perform on a Saturday after training all week.

Cheltenham Town Head of Youth John Brough said: “Our game is in danger of being off, battling the elements at this time of year is always a problem.”

His comments were echoed by those of Tranmere Rovers Head of Youth, Shaun Garnett who added:

“The weather has effected training this week, we’ve had to get in the gym and use indoors facilities. It’s far from ideal it disrupts everything you want to work on but you just have to carry on.”

“The lads are disappointed that this weekend’s game is off but we’ll take the time to re-charge batteries and prepare for next week’s game – weather permitting!”