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Assessment Trials In Full Swing

This year’s Assessment Trials are now in full swing as players from up and down the country gather at Valley Parade tonight.

The four-day long trials got underway on Tuesday in the basking sunshine of Wycombe Wanderers Adams Park ground, with nearly 70 hopefuls strutting their stuff in front of scouts from all levels of the English game as well as those from educational institutions from the UK and abroad.

With MMU hosting the final day tomorrow the trials represent fantastic opportunities for released apprentices and first year professional players to enhance their future prospects.

Alan Sykes, LFE’s Chief Executive, says:

“Just to earn an Apprenticeship means you have considerable talent. Unfortunately, not everyone who comes through the programme will be offered a professional contract. Those who are released by their Clubs are in many instances very unfortunate – and that’s where Assessment Trails fit in.”

He continues:

“The trials remain core to our Progression strategy and represent a great opportunity for apprentice footballers to show they have the skills to continue in the game.”

“Their dedication and work ethic is exemplary, and this gives other Clubs and universities the chance to utilise this talent. Our aim is to ensure these athletes find other ways to put their abilities to use by introducing them to new training and career paths.”

The Assessment Trials fall under LFE’s Progression banner that also includes Competitive Edge Live – a unique recruitment and careers fair aimed at youngsters interested in pursuing a sports, tourism or leisure career, which was held recently in Bolton and Reading.

Progression was originally developed by LFE as an umbrella strategy to facilitate football Apprentices’ successful exit and progression from the Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence programme (AASE).

It offers extended sports options, alternative careers and routes into further education. It has now become one of the most important initiatives in the sporting industry, extending beyond football to many other sports

(Images courtesy of Dan Matthews)

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