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Argyle Scholars Show Community Spirit

Argyle Scholars Show Community Spirit

A group of Plymouth Argyle U18’s have recently been going above and beyond to help out in their community by donating food to a local food bank, and taking part in some litter picking at a local park.

The young Pilgrims visited Plymouth Foodbank in Stonehouse and donated goods funded by an internal pool, which was collected between the players.

Academy Manager Phil Stokes said: “Wednesday would normally be the players’ college day, but there was another event on, so they decided to use the day extremely wisely, and practically, to do some good, and give back to the community.

“I’m very proud of them. It is a tremendous gesture.

“We are not just developing footballers at Home Park; we are developing good human beings. They are a group of well-rounded young men, who have shown an attitude we can all admire.

“Emma Potter has come in recently as our Head of Player Care, and we develop a life skills programme that teaches our young players around a number of different areas to help their development off the field.

“Central Park, around Home Park, is our home, and they have shown some pride in that. And they have shown generosity and a community spirit to want to help others.

A lot of focus – understandably – is on these players and their performances on the pitch, but what they do off it is just as important.

“I am just as proud of them for this as I would be for any of them making their first-team debut.”

Under-18s Manager Darren Way added: “We had a meeting, and the players had a separate meeting, about how the culture is looking, and is there anything we can do to improve it?

“To my surprise, they went litter picking. They used their own money to buy food for the local community. That shows a huge amount of respect. What a good way to say thanks to the local community and to give back. Fair play.”

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