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A Week to Celebrate Success



A week-long celebration of the success of Apprenticeships will take place from 25th – 29th February across England.

This week seeks to raise the profile of Apprenticeships whilst paying tribute to the achievements of employers and Apprentices so far.

Throughout the country and across a wide range of industries Apprenticeships are gaining both importance and popularity as the Government looks to increase the credibility, relevance and status of this type of qualification.

The Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence (ASE) programme is specifically designed to support elite athletes in relation to their sporting development, however it is also there to provide them with transferable skills that will assist them as and when they move on to alternative careers.

LFE manages the Apprenticeships of approximately 50% of the country’s ASE athletes. ASE is now embraced by a number of other sports including Rugby Union, Swimming, Golf and Cricket. The ASE programme has real value and importance for Government as a way of promoting Apprenticeships.

By 2015 the Government is to change the education leaving age to 18 and they want a suitable Apprenticeship place to be available for every young person who wants one by 2013. This will involve raising the number of Apprenticeships nationally from the current level of 180,000 to 400,000.


The ASE scheme has already become successful. Last season 76% of Football League Apprentices achieved the full framework of qualifications whilst the majority of those remaining obtained elements of the programme.

ASE Apprentices may go on to get professional contracts, play abroad, play semi-professional football, go to university/college or go directly in to alternative employment, but whatever route they take the Apprenticeship they have followed provides them with transferable skills for life.

For the Government to hit its targets it needs other Apprenticeships to be developed. Employers such as the National Trust, Royal Opera House and BT are alongside LFE helping change the image and relevance of Apprenticeships and bring them to the fore as a viable educational option.

If you are interested as either an employer or parent of a potential Apprentice then please see or call 0800 0150 400 for further information.

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