2010 FIFA World Cup Inspires SkillsActive Skills Goal

By: Sarah Stonehouse |
15/06/10 |


The power of football is once again being used to make learning fun via SkillsActive’s new online resource to encourage the UK to brush up on their literacy, language and numeracy skills during the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Supported by LFE and developed in partnership with a number of organisations, including, The Football Association, The National Literacy Trust, The Premier League, Podium and Active Communities, www.worldcupskills.org uses the medium of football to engage people with learning.

The website hosts daily literacy and numeracy quizzes and puzzles, learning resources, information for employers, and sign posts viewers to other e-learning opportunities over the duration of the World Cup.

Speaking about the online resource SkillsActive chief executive, Stephen Studd, says: “This website is a great opportunity to use the spirit and ethos of the World Cup to engage football fans – both young and old – with learning.”

“Recent figures show that 22 per cent of the sport sector workforce is below NVQ Level 2 or equivalent. We want to encourage people to take positive steps to develop their own life skills and those of their employees. It is crucial that we do not overlook such a critical set of underpinning skills that will enable our sector to move forward and prosper.”

The SkillsActive World Cup website will be live until 11 July 2010. To test your literacy and numeracy skills and be in the chance to win a variety of spot prizes, go to www.worldcupskills.org.