Goal Of The Month Winner - November 2010

By: Elaine Brand |
22/12/10 |
Josh Parsons

Josh Parsons

The winner of the November 2010 Goal of the Month competition is Josh Parsons of Swindon Town.

Josh saw off the challenge of fellow Swindon Apprentice Miles Storey to amass 48% of the public vote.

The top three voted for by the public (and number of votes) is as follows:

  1. Josh Parsons (173)
  2. Miles Story (87)
  3. Liam Murray (45)

LFE would like to thank all Clubs who submitted nominations to this competition.

The standard of goals submitted (not only in the final shortlist of five goals) is a fantastic advertisement of the quality of the Youth Alliance and Academy Leagues.

Goal of the Month will be back next month. Voting for December Goal of the Month will take place between 17 – 21 January. All Club’s are reminded to have made their submissions for December no later than 16 January.