Switch the Play Foundation is the only UK registered charity offering personal and professional development support to athletes. With a vision of a world where every sportsperson fulfils their potential at every stage of their life, Switch the Play Foundation deliver excellent support that will help you prepare for and manage change, whenever it may come.

You can hear about the importance of developing yourself away from football from professional football player Jamie Turley here. Jamie committed to a financial trading qualification while he is still playing to better enable him to transfer all his skills and experiences he has built through football.

Switch the Play Foundation offer a service called Switched On, which is completely free to you as a player. You get three levels of support through Switched On:

  1. You are offered a one-to-one Support Associate. This is someone who can give you excellent independent personal and professional development support and reach your full potential as a person and player.
  2. You’ll get access to Switched On Inspires, an exclusive platform full of amazing video insights, detailed resources and useful support networks. You can use this yourself or with the help of a Support Associate.
  3. The Career Pathways part of Switched On gives you access to internships, work experiences and job opportunities outside of football. You can build a network, have an industry mentor or learn how to translate everything you’ve learned in football to a new industry.