If you are reading this, it is possible that you have an interest in what the Royal Air Force can offer as a career opportunity. In recent months, the RAF, LFE and LAPS have been working together to provide opportunities for athletes and sports persons with a career path into the Royal Air Force.

The RAF Regiment are the ground fighting element of Royal Air Force, providing Force Protection for its aircraft, infrastructure and personnel abroad and within the UK. Working in similar formations to the army, each soldier (gunner) is trained in infantry tactics from defending large scale bases to close quarter battle in small teams. Each gunner has the option to specialise throughout their career including sniping, mortars, machine guns or Forward Air Controlling. Divided into seven Squadrons based throughout Great Britain, each holds specialist capabilities including operating armoured vehicles, providing security for deployed aircraft, counter Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear warfare and airborne insertion. 

The RAF Regiment requires physically fit and mentally robust individuals who are seeking a challenging and varied career involving increasing responsibility and the chance to train and deploy throughout the world.

The RAF values the abilities you already have greatly. Not just your sporting ability, but more importantly your team ethic, fitness, ability to challenge yourself and determination to succeed. There are a great deal of similarities between professional sport and life in the RAF.