LFE has partnered with Arcadia to deliver ‘’Breakthrough to Peak Performance’, a five-session online programme, for academy players and young professionals (at no cost).

The competitive field of football presents each of us with challenges, obstacles, sacrifices, and mistakes. This programme consists of five modules, made up of ten winning behaviours. With these tools, we can drive to win in sport and life. You can find out further information on what the five modules consists of here.

The dates for LFE alumni are as follows:

  1. Module 1– Friday 22nd of July
  2. Module 2– Friday 29th of July
  3. Module 3– Monday 8th of August
  4. Module 4– Thursday 11th of August
  5. Module 5– Friday 19th of August

Please follow the links provided above to register your attendance for each module. LFE would encourage you to attend each module in order.