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Michael Gonzalo - Cheltenham Town

Welcome to Breda

03/08/12 |

The third day in Holland was focused on our evening game against NAC Breda, again another morning session was organised in order to prepare for how we thought the Dutch team would set up against us.

Following the session, the rest of the day was focused upon the game making sure each of us were rested up and well fed before again travelling up to VV Gilze. As expected this strong U19 Breda side were both physical yet each of them were more than comfortable on the ball and travelling forward.

As a team I felt we played the game to our strengths. Keeping the ball for long periods of time and finding our front men in the holes between the back line and the midfield, despite all our efforts we managed to put one away with James Bowen pressing high up the pitch winning the ball off their captain and taking it around the keeper.

Match time

Perhaps if we had taken our chances we could have been two or three up. In the second half, it was a different game and the Dutch decided to press higher up the pitch and put our defence under a lot more pressure, something that wasn’t there in the first.

Unfortunately, we struggled to keep the ball and we found our self sitting with the two banks of four and the Dutch side did find it difficult to create any clear cut chances.

The day after our game against Breda consisted of only a small pool session and a bike ride to the town of Breda to visit the town and experience the culture. This 10 mile bike ride was certainly one way to wind down after a game, probably not something I was expecting.

Match time

So far I feel me and the rest of the group have enjoyed our experience in Holland and as I group we have bonded and grew closer as a team which has helped improve in both how we act on and off the pitch.