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Weather Causes Chaos

05/01/12 |

I hope you all had a nice Christmas and a very Happy New Year, but now it’s back to business for us at the training ground and the mince pies have to be put away for another year!

The first year Apprentices were back in training on the 2nd January, whereas our second years had been in from the 27th December onwards, so we were lucky to have a few extra days rest.

I travelled back ‘up north’ from my home in London where I’d had a nice Christmas with my family and been able to catch up with old mates. However, it is not all so easy for us Apprentices over the Christmas period because we have to follow an off-season programme, as always, prepared by the fitness coach and sports scientists to keep us at peak fitness and ready to return to action in the New Year.

Returned to training on Monday where the lads were all showing off their new gadgets! The session itself was pretty sharp considering the break and I’m sure all of the boys were glad to be back at it again, raring to go for the second half of the season.

The weather took a turn for the worse overnight, forcing us to train in our indoor ‘dome’ facility on Tuesday. The session was again a good one, very sharp and intense.

Me and a few of the lads have also got a bit of a friendly competition going on with a game called Templerun on the iPhones and iPads, which is very addictive and used up plenty of our relaxation time after training.

As usual, we had college lessons throughout the day on Wednesday. Again, the bad weather continued and this meant the groundstaff would have to make a decision about whether we trained indoors again on the Thursday.

We warmed-up indoors and headed outside for some games before the rain belted down again and forced us inside. We’re hoping our fixtures against Leicester City at the weekend will still go ahead with the inclement weather we are experiencing.

In the next edition of this blog, I’ll let you know if the game goes ahead and how we got on. Cheers, and all the best for 2012!

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