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Adam Mekki - Aldershot Town

Victory For The Shots

29/07/10 |

Match day 1 and everyone had their game faces on. The day started off as normal with breakfast and then a brief training session going over shape and positioning work.

We then had a high carb lunch for energy and then it was the long awaited match against Huddersfield, who happened to be sharing the same corridor as us in the complex. A slight bit of tension beforehand!
Tim Coe prepared the team and then it was all systems go. Unfortunately I was injured and was on filming duty for the first half.

The game finished 2-0 to the Shots and I was delighted with the score line and the way we played, even though we had 1 substitute and a lot of players playing out of position. Captain James Pilgrim opened the score line with a thunderous strike from the edge of the box and Henrik scored a sublimely whipped free kick to finish off Huddersfield.

Aldershot Town v Huddersfield Town

We returned to the complex and had some dinner to replenish. To end the day we had a lovely relaxing 2 hour bike ride to find Zeist and a swimming pool that we could use, which both happened to be in opposite directions from the complex.

Ed the tour leader, managed to keep us believing he knew the way when every 2 minutes he was either looking at a tiny map and some scribbles or asking for directions from random strangers. Put it this way, it was a long evening!

Day 10 – This was a very relaxing day with no training just time to recover and re-cooperate. It was nice to set an alarm for 9am for a change.

We had breakfast and cycled to the swimming pool which happened to be just 20 minutes away. It was such a laugh with diving boards and flumes. However, we must have been the only people to be over the age of 9 and under the age of 30 – there were a lot of kids and parents.

We returned for lunch and then went into Utrecht again. We had a browse and a little bit of shopping for a couple of hours. We then returned to the room for some more relaxing and some film watching.

We finished off the evening with a bit of food and we watched the match against Huddersfield and then it was bedtime.