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Rhys Darg - Ange IF

Training, the Swedish Way

20/08/08 |

Training started at 9am on Monday morning and we went straight in to a tight square keeping the ball one and two touch with two men in the middle trying to intercept the ball. We then went into a short passing session, moving the ball quickly to one another, and this developed into the next session where we finished with a shot on goal from one-touch build up play.

I was pleased that the session was light because I had a slight knock, and I was delighted that I had won the shooting, although I only scored 1 goal which tells you how shocking the shooting was! After training I went straight back to the hotel to eat because I missed breakfast due to the early start. I enjoyed it!!

I took the time that we had off during the day on Tuesday to go to the gym and get on the running machine for 40 minutes. Training started at 6pm, we had to complete a 30 minute running session and straight away I regretted going to the gym during the day – I really struggled! We then split into three teams and played each other 3 times each in a tight area. The two best teams played each other and we won 5-0.

It was another early session on Wednesday and what a miserable day – it reminded me of England! We started off with head tennis but we got the goalkeeper on our team and paid the consequences as we lost both games. We then went into yet another session of shooting. I swear if we do anymore shooting there is danger of me becoming decent in front of goal!

We had to shoot from balls played into us with our backs to goal and with two touches then a shot on goal. Then again with balls played in off the ground, same principle, and then a one-two further out from goal then a shot, and then a one-two with a volley. It was safe to say the keeper was tired but maybe he should have tried saving one the lazy b@%&#d!

Thursday’s training began at 6pm. It was a light session and we started with tag and bulldog as a warm up which was a little different than usual. We then went into a 5-a-side game for half an hour with roll-on roll-off subs.

Match: Ange IF v some Swedish team that I can’t pronounce

I spent most of Friday eating, relaxing and stretching before the match. The team had to be at the ground at 5.30 for a 6.30 start. We played a 4-4-2 and I started at right back. The game got off to a good start, we were passing the ball around and getting in behind the defense, but once again our finishing left a lot to be desired. However, a goal came eventually after a great ball into the box was finished off by a powerful header into the top corner so we went in 1-0 up at half-time.

After the break we continued to play well and it paid off. The other teams’ defense became ragged and we scored 3 goals in quick succession. The opposition didn’t pose any threat from then on and we polished off a good performance with another goal at the death to finish the game 5-0.