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Toby Davis - Umea FC

Third Win

30/09/08 |

We had our usual training sessions at the School, this week including light passing drills and then some stretching as well as dribbling and turning. At the beginning of the week at evening training sessions we worked on possession and played 3 v 2 attack v defence and 7 v 5 attack v defence.

Wednesday was a day off for the team so I went to Gammlia to do some shooting with Jesper. After that I went to Iksu Gym with Tim, Daniel, and Myre to do some weights. Went to the school gym to do some weights on Thursday morning and at evening training we played a big game.

The next morning we practised penalties then did some shooting and worked on possession. Went to see Righteous Kill at the cinema with the lads in the evening.

Played some head tennis at Gammlia with Vlado and Jesper on Saturday then we watched Ersboda play Boden (two teams in our league) – final score was 2 – 2.

Match day

Flew to Stockholm for the game which we won 2 – 0. Johan Larsson scored both goals from the left wing! It’s our 3rd win from 3 games!!