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The One & Only Jean Paul!

23/07/10 |

Day 3 of the Tour began with another session by the one and only Jean Paul. This was a more relaxed session with a few games such as head tennis and running races. This allowed the team to relieve a bit of stress which had built up over the past couple of days.

After a light session we returned for lunch at the hotel and prepared for the afternoon session. Tim Coe and Geoff Warner took the session which inlcuded lots of possession and attacking work.

Head Tennis

Afternoon training session

The day concluded with a target setting activity. The team sat around a table in groups of 6 discussing various different topics and setting targets for the season. For example how many goals we were going to concede and score for the up and coming season. This was productive and got everyone thinking realistically about the season ahead.

Day 4 – Today was a really good day with a lot of hard work. The intensity was high and there was a good vibe within the team. After the first session there was a presentation from a youth co-ordinator from Utrecht FC.

He spoke a lot about perfection and how it does not exist within football. There is no such thing as a perfect team or player and there are areas that even the World class players such as Messi, can improve on.

After the afternoon session we were driven straight to the first team stadium for a guided tour which included about 30 photos of the legend himself, Jean Paul de Jong!