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Thank You - Last Blog of the Season

04/10/12 |

We won our final game of the season however, so did Hillie IF and consequently we did not get into the play offs. All that said and done, it was nice to finish the season on a win and beat the team who won the league comfortably with a 5-2 victory.

Even though we were promoted to division three last season and probably weren’t expected to get promoted or even near the play offs, it’s a bitter pill to swallow when you finish two points behind the league winners and one point off the play offs.

I travelled home to England yesterday, a day I knew would be long but seemed to drag on and on as I saw three countries, stopped in four cities and passed through five train stations.

I got up at 5.00am in Ange because my train was at 6.38am and wanted to give myself plenty of time to fully wake up. Greger the Chairman picked me up at 6.15am and dropped me at the train station which was surprisingly busy as it was so early in the morning.

The four hour train journey went quickly because I spent most of it asleep but I woke up with a sore neck which wasn’t very pleasant. I arrived at Arrlanda Airport and had to wait two hours before I could even check in and get rid of my big suitcase. I was hoping it wasn’t over-weight and I wouldn’t have to pay because I had been given a hand drill for being Man of the Match once, and it barely fit in my suitcase!!

After checking in at around 12.30pm I walked around the departure lounge got a drink and did Sudoku. I boarded the plane at 1.10pm and an hour and a half later I was in Denmark.

I was off the plane by 3.00pm but my next flight to Manchester wasn’t till 5.30pm so I decided to have lunch and watch a film on my laptop. After lunch I took a walk to stretch my legs, you’d be surprised at how big the airport is!

When I bought my lunch, I was given change back in Danish krone which I thought I might as well spend. I decided to go to H&M as it was one of the only shops I recognised and brought a hat.

I boarded my flight at just after 5.00pm and was back in England just before 6.30pm (GMT time) 12 hours after leaving Ange station. I then need to get my bag and find Manchester train station because I had a ticket for the 8.04pm train from Manchester Airport to Manchester Piccadilly station.

I arrived at Manchester Piccadilly half an hour later and I was meant to go on the 8.43pm train to Nottingham but it was delayed for more than 25 minutes and didn’t get into Nottingham till 11.00pm. All in all it was a very long day and I was just happy to get to bed.

This is will be my last blog of the season, thank you for taking the time to read it and for your support.