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Shots from Every Angle

21/09/07 |

Not a lot to say about Thursday, we had College.

Came in on Friday preparing for the match on Saturday. A long trip to Shrewsbury awaited us along with a 7.30am meet time at Deepdale which meant a very early night would be required. We went out with Dave for a bit then went over to join in the small sided games. As usual plenty of quality and plenty of passion went into the games. Goals were flying in from all angles, Mike Aspin rocketed a 20-yarder into the top corner past me. I did well though and feel like I’m improving with every game and every training session. It was off to College in the afternoon, the back to the digs at 5pm for tea. I went to bed at about 9 knowing I would need to be up at half 6 because I had to walk to Deepdale in the morning, not ideal!