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Scored One – Happy With That!

16/09/08 |

Training at the Dragon School consisted of some light jogging and some stretching. I felt really tight from the 90 minutes played on Sunday! During evening training we had a small possession game followed by a 9 v 9 box-to-box match.

At team training we worked on dribbling and turning for our warm up, then techniques and shooting. We had a tight possession game with a team in the middle area then a small game to finish.

On Wednesday morning I went to Gammlia with Jesper to practice some shooting then took it easy for the rest of the day! In the evening I went to watch Umea Sodra Women’s team play – they lost 5 – 1 to AIK one of the biggest clubs in Sweden!

We were at the Dragon school again in the morning doing some close ball control and running with the ball. For evening training we completed a warm up and went into a big game to determine who will play in the match on Sunday!

I had a well-earned massage on Friday after training! We’d done some shooting practice at the school and some possession which led to some 4 v 4 games at team training.

I played some head tennis with Jesper and Vlado at Gammlia in the morning, then I went to watch some of the lads play for TEG (Umea Reserve Team for some young players or players who come back from injury). They won 2 – 1, winning the league! Relaxed with Tim in the evening and watched the new Prison Break!

Match day!!!

Again, a disappointing result! We lost 2 – 1 but I scored our goal so I’m happy with that but obviously gutted to loose!!