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Jack Cudworth - Preston North End Fc

Rugby Tackles?

24/09/07 |

Monday morning came along and we had a very different training session to what we normally have. After doing our weights we went outside with Geoff and did some sprints. Then after that we went onto the tackle bags doing rugby style tackle on the bags. I new what I was doing as I did similar drills when I played rugby for Lancashire, but for many of the lads it was a new experience. It was incredibly hard work but great fun, all the lads egging each other on to see who could get the biggest hit.

After that we were pretty much exhausted but managed to get through a good hours worth of football. Once the football had finished it was inside for our final pilaties session as our instructor was leaving. We had a bit of a laugh and joke since it was the final one. After this it was back to the digs for a short while before returning to the training ground for coaching at night. After a good coaching session it was back to the digs for bedtime.