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Jack Cudworth - Preston North End Fc


05/10/07 |

Friday comes quickly and the focus is very much now on preparation for what should be a huge match tomorrow against Burnley over at their training ground Gawthorpe.

A victory will take us to the top of the table so everyone is determined to come home with 3 points tomorrow. All of our coaches have had experience of working for Burnley so as you can imagine they’re really keyed up for tomorrow as well.

Nothing different in today’s Friday morning session though. We played a few small sided games that as usual were action packed with goals flying in everywhere.

I love playing in these games because anything can happen at any time due to the size of the pitch and the quality of our players. It was Paul McKenna’s last training session with us today before he returns to training with the first team next week. It’s been great having him with us this week and its definitely added to the quality of our training. We finished with some little short sprints. A nice short and sharp session which is routine for a Friday. I went in the net for a short while afterwards while the pros did some finishing, before I lent Simon Whaley my gloves while he tried his hand as a keeper. He wasn’t actually that bad which was surprising to me. After dinner it was off to college for the afternoon.