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Marc Grocott - Stoke City

Prep for the Game

12/10/07 |

Same as every Friday, short and sweet! We started off in a small circle with two of the lads inside chasing down the ball, whoever gives the ball away has to go into middle along with their partner (the player to the right of them). It’s great when you’re on the outside popping the ball around and taking the mickey out of the lads that are chasing, but not so much fun when you’re in the middle and the lads have reached pass number 15 and you’re thighs are burning from the efforts you make to chase and win the ball!

This little exercise was a fun start to training and Tom (our goalkeeper) had an absolute nightmare and it seemed like he had a season ticket for the middle. After this we went through the shape that Aidy wanted us to take into the game tomorrow against Man Utd and he also went through their strengths and likely tactics. After this we finished pretty sharpish and were back at the ground to get cleaned up. Then it was back home to rest up ready for the big game!