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Once In A Lifetime Opportunity

02/08/10 |

Day 11 – Today was our second and final match against a local mens team in the 5th tier of Dutch football. The day started off with a late breakfast and then a light training session to prepare for the match.

After this it was lunchtime and another carb-loading meal. We then had a few hours to relax before the away trip to the game. Most of us slept or watched TV, nothing too strenuous.

It was just over an hour travelling time to the match which happened to be in the middle of nowhere. Literally, we saw more cows and sheep than people! Anyway the final preparations were completed for the match and kick off began.

We had a couple more players this time but the game started off very sluggish. Matt Steer opened the scorline with a clever chipped freekick from Henrik just before half time. The second half began with a much better pace and shortly into the half I scored a clincal and vital goal to give the Shots a comfortable lead.

Adam in action against Festiland XI

Aldershot Town v Festiland XI

The game ended 5-0 to us with Tom Allen scoring two and George Bowerman scoring a delightful freekick. By the time we had showered and hit the road it was almost 11pm and we were very hungry so we stopped at a service station on the way home and some of the lads grabbed a bite to eat.

Day 12 – Another recovery day with a fun training session with some head tennis to keep us ticking over. We then packed our bags as we were leaving the next morning and then had some lunch and some time to kill.

Fortunately Crystal Palace had a match against a Belgium team that we could watch in the sun. Unfortunately they lost 5-0 to a very good side.

Tonight we have a BBQ and some karaoke to really end the trip with a bang. It will also to give us a chance to bond with Crystal Palace and Huddersfield. The trip has been a once in a lifetime opportunity and I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

LFE and Inspire Sport have done a fantastic job organising the trip and we were very lucky to get onto the scheme. Tomorrow we leave early in the morning for Amsterdam airport to go home. This will be my last blog, so from Aldershot Town: thank you and goodbye!

Aldershot Town