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Marc Grocott - Stoke City

Not Up To Scratch

01/10/07 |

Feeling tired today after the tough game Saturday at Liverpool. Felt the legs today and that was only after the warm up! We started off with a little possession then progressed into a larger area including goals. This occupied us for most of the morning before we finally got to go back to the ground for lunch and to get the feet up!

We were back down to the training ground in the afternoon though but this time we went straight into a game. About an hour or so later and we were finished although our Coach confronted us after training telling us that the standard of the football was not up to the standard he expects so we were given a bit of a telling off which nobody ever enjoys.

Hopefully this is down to just been a little tired and still being in the ‘weekend’ mode, and now we can get focussed on Saturdays game and trying to gain 3 points.