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Nerves Kicking In…

12/10/07 |

Friday’s here and it’s getting closer to the weekend. I’m starting to get nervous now about playing in my first game since the Bolton match. I haven’t had a lot of actual game time and it’s been playing on my mind a bit. While I enjoy training there is no substitute to playing in games and it’s really frustrating to be a sub as a keeper. Unlike an outfield player you basically have no chance of ever getting on barring injury or a sending off. You get your strip on and prepare with your team-mates as normal for each game but standing on the sidelines is hard. Ask any player!

For the first time this season the tempo was a bit lacklustre in the small sided games and Jamie let us know at the end of the session that we couldn’t just turn up and beat Accrington as they were not a bad side. After the session had finished and everyone was inside, I did about half an hour’s kicking on my own before joining the rest of the lads for some dinner. After college it was a very early night as I prepared for my League debut.