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Lewis Whiteley - Ange IF

Nerve-Racking Game But A Good Win

24/08/12 |

On Saturday we played Hofors AIK, the team just below us in the league and only two points behind us.

We had also just lost a midfielder who had to go back to University in the south of Sweden so wasn’t able to play, and will be big loss for us.

Fortunately we got off to a great start and scored two goals in the opening six minutes. As we settled into the game we scored three more goals before the break and seemed like we were cruising.

Early in the second half I was fouled and subsequently had to come off with an injury. We also made 2 other substitutions and found ourselves under increasing pressure.

In the space of 10 to 15 minutes we conceded a goal and a penalty after Lloyd brought a player down in the box. They scored the penalty and from the side-line I could see the other team growing in confidence.

Shortly after they scored another goal and made the last 15 minutes really nervy for us. However that was the last goal we conceded and we won the game 6-3. In addition the team who are top of the league, Kvarnsvedens IK, lost 2-1 and now we’re only three points behind them.

Lloyd’s girlfriend has come to stay this week so they’re staying in the hotel where we eat our meals all week. It’s going to be weird not having him around, he’s always saying something stupid to keep us entertained!