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My final blog

10/10/13 |
Lewis Whitely Celebrations

Hello readers,

This will sadly be my last blog but what an eventful season it’s been.

Any lows have been far outweighed by the highs and I’ve gained some great memories that will stay with me for many years to come.

Arriving in February only seems like yesterday but it’s been eight months since Lloyd and I returned to Sweden.

My first thought on getting off the train here was, ‘wow’, as I was surrounded by a snowy winter wonderland! Then I felt the cold and almost got back on the train! However, once I’d got my coat, hat, scarf, two jumpers, two pairs of socks and thermals on I was able to really appreciate the beauty of a Swedish winter.

Slowly but surely the snow melted and the season kicked-off in earnest at the back-end of April. And what a start we made! Five wins out of five!

Before we knew it the summer was upon us and everyone got the chance to go home to see friends and family. This was a well-deserved break and couldn’t of come at a more perfect time as I think as a team as a whole, we need time to rest and recuperate before coming back.

After a little bit of respite back in the UK – we added a couple of new faces to our side – reinforcements that shored up our team and helped to provide the platform for a sustained title tilt!

Well I can tell you with great pride and joy that we, Ange IF, won the league last Saturday by three points. I won’t go into great detail about the game but I’ll say we made hard work it, allowing Salsåker-Ullångers IF to equalize twice and meaning that we had to dig deep to score two more goals in the last ten minutes of the game to win 4-2. Meanwhile Ostersund, who were playing a couple of hours north of our game lost to Jusele one nil, which could of only rubbed more salt into their wounds. Few words can describe the euphoria in the changings after the game, and how grateful we were as a team to be greeted as we arrive back in Ange by more than a dozen cars on streets. It was a day I will never forget, and one that will live long in the club’s history.

Lewis Whitely Celebrations

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at the club, the fans for their continued support through the season and you the readers. Thank you for showing an interested, and I hope you’ve felt like you’ve been there for every set of our journey.