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Mid-Season Break Edges Closer

13/06/13 |

Hello readers,

As the mid-season break edges ever closer, we are all making last minute preparations before we head of to our different destinations. I’ve chosen to spend the entire break at home in Nottingham seeing family and catching up with friends. It would have been nice to get away somewhere but I’ve not see some of my friends since February and I cannot wait to be back, even if it isn’t for very long.

Lloyd has decided to go to Bulgaria to visit his mum and spend a few days in Sunny Beach with one of his old friends from home. Adam is flying home with me on 30 June but has opted to do a combination of the two – fitting in a short break and seeing family in the space of 11 days. He is planning to fly out to Marbella for a few days before returning to England to spend time with his family, in what will be a busy week and half for him.

However, before we can turn our undivided attention to our holidays we have three more big games before the break. Three games that we hope we can get maximum points and stay on track of our ultimate goal of getting promoted.

In the space of three days last week, we played two games and two good teams; Kubikenburgs IF and Brunflo FK. We drew 1-1 with Kubikenburgs IF on Thursday in a game were we started really poorly but we feel we should of won because of our dominance in the second half and missed opportunities. As a result of the draw we stayed in second place, one point behind Kubikenburgs IF in the table, but we knew we couldn’t dwell on the game because we had another game 48 hours later.

On Saturday we played Brunflo FK at home and won 1-0 which sent us back top of the table because Kubikenburgs IF were playing on Sunday. We scored midway through the first half and had numerous opportunities but couldn’t find the second goal. Fortunately it didn’t cost us and we saw out the game without playing at our best. It was our third game in seven days, and understandably we played at a lower tempo and looked tired.

Kubikenburgs IF drew their game on Sunday to our delight and it was a nice way to finish the weekend, ensuring we top of the league again.