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Jack Cudworth - Preston North End Fc

Live on Sky

17/02/08 |

Sunday was match day and Portsmouth were in town. The Sky TV crew were in the tunnel before the match including Martin Tyler, who I got a picture taken with. All the stars were there, including David James, who is an absolute monster.

Just before the pros went to warm up I was asked by goalkeeping coach Dave Timmins if I would go in net for the warm up while the pros had shots. Obviously I snapped his hand off at the opportunity! I did well but it was tiring as the shots just kept coming and coming.

The game itself was unbelievable. Preston absolutely battered Pompy, and Simon Whaley missed a penalty. If it wasn’t for James, Preston would have cruised through. However Darren Carter put through his own net after a goal-mouth scramble to condemn us to defeat when the very least we deserved was a replay.