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Gary Challinor - Lees-McRae College, North Carolina

Let It Snow!

15/11/07 |

I had classes during the day on Wednesday and study hall at 5pm. We all trained in the evening and I got to join in as we didn’t do as much, we just played head tennis in the tennis centre. It was a really cold night and after training a few of the boys went out to eat in Boone.

Thursday was another lie in day, and then I had my English class at 1pm. We trained in the afternoon, watched a game tape from the last game and talked about tactics. It snowed today for the first time and we trained in it in the evening. It was absolutely freezing mind you; I couldn’t feel my toes or fingers! We went into Boone after training and went bowling, we played in teams: England vs America and England came out on top!