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31/03/09 |

The last week or so, we have been training everyday, usually three slides a day, then recovery sessions. We have also been doing track walks every day before the sessions start to give us a better idea on what lines to take when sliding down and where steers are needed.

The times and processes I have been working on have been improving everyday which I am happy with. I had progressed on to a full sprint start at the top, so I was reaching more speed at top section of track.

My fastest speed I reached was about 110kph, sure I went faster today, but have not looked at time sheets yet. The fastest time I have managed from top to bottom is 58.72 seconds. Not too slow for 1500 meters on the sled I have been sliding on!

Overall I think this trip has been a great success, and I have really enjoyed every second. The progresses I have seen in my own performance is amazing and the coaching I have received a great help!

It’s been great having Andy Wood here with us, as he is a current World Cup competitor and has given us a great insight into what it takes to be a world class slider! I can’t wait to get started on the summer training, and progressing into next season!

Hope to catch up with some of you at Progression 09 and Pitch2Podium in Sheffield!