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Incident Packed Game

13/08/13 |

Hello readers,

On Saturday, in our second game back after the break we travelled to Brunflo which is about 50 minutes away from Ange. Because the two clubs are so close together, I expected some sort of local rivalry but to my surprise there wasn’t any and they were very welcoming. Although, this didn’t change the fact that I still wanted to leave there with three points.

In an incident packed game, we did exactly that and won the game 1-0 but it came at a cost. Not long after the game had started Valle, who was playing central midfield with me suffered a neck injury after going up for a header. I didn’t see the incident but as he lay on the floor he looked in quite a bit of pain, so the referee thought it was best not to move him and call an ambulance.

The game was stopped for about fifteen minutes while we waited and as a result, we were forced into bringing Jake on. Jake came off with a knee injury in our last game, and I personally thought this was a risk but he insisted he was fine. After Valle was assisted onto the stretcher and driven to a local hospital the game was allowed to continue as normal.

Shortly after the disruption, Oscar scored from a corner and we could breathe a small sigh of relief because I’ve always found that the first goal is the hardest to get. However, about twenty five minutes into the first half we had one of our centre-back players sent off. From a long goal kick, the ball was allowed to bounce in our half and as the ball bounced over our centre-back’s head, he and the Brunflo striker turned to run after it. Unfortunately as they were running our centre-back clipped the heels of the Brunflo striker, brought him down and was awarded a red card for stopping a goal scoring opportunity. We had to change our formation to 4-4-1 and at this point it really wasn’t looking like it would be our day.

We came out for the second half having regrouped and we knew if we kept a clean sheet we would win the game. This is easier said than done, and from the first whistle Brunflo put us under a lot of pressure. Adam, who had stepped in at centre-half after the sending off, had suffered a twisted ankle in the first half, but thought he could carry on. This wasn’t the case because he was now struggling to run and it was clear he was no longer able to continue.

Thankfully we end the game with three points, but now we have two key players missing through injury and two suspended. The most pleasing thing from the day apart from getting the three points, was the desire and fight we showed to win with only 10 men for the majority of the game. We now have two big games coming up against Kubikenborgs IF and Frano that we need to win if we want to keep pressure on Ostersund.