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Jack Cudworth - Preston North End Fc

Happy Birthday

11/09/07 |

Happy Birthday! I’m 17 today so I can finally drive! I was out with Dave at 9 doing a distribution session along with Tommo. We started off with short throws, to some mannequins, and then longer throws, then did the same with but with kicking. My kicking has come on a treat today has been the best I’ve ever kicked a football in my life, even Dave came to the same conclusion! Tommo was even shocked especially when we did left foots he asked me when I’d got a decent left foot. Thankfully the left peg was working wonders today it’s usually my standing foot!!! We then acted as targets for the pros when they came out to do the exact same session. When Loners and Chris Neal went into the small games, me Tommo and Andy Murphy did some more kicking, both dead ball and moving ball, I did really well with these and could see that the practise was paying off! Dave told me to concentrate fully tomorrow and put in a good performance, something I was determined to do. I went home Tuesday afternoon to get some presents and to see some family, I was back at the digs however by 9pm and it was an early night for me knowing I had a big game tomorrow.