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Lewis Whiteley - Ange IF

Great Experience In Ange

11/06/12 |

Hello Readers,

I’ve been in Sweden playing for Ange IF for nearly two months now and I’m having a really good time. It’s been a fantastic experience and one I would recommend to anyone who is interested in the LFE Placements Programme.

I’ve found the people in Ange very friendly and my team mates have been really welcoming, I feel quite at home here.

Everything is going well and I’m really enjoying the football side of things and the social aspect of my experience. Ange are currently fourth in the league and unbeaten in five games so we’ve had a great season to date.

Lewis Whiteley in action for Ange IF

As part of my placement out here there is an opportunity to learn Swedish, and for the last few weeks we have been going to a local school on Wednesday and Friday morning for our Swedish lesson. Unfortunately our lesson was cancelled on Friday because it was a national holiday in Sweden and the school was closed.

So knowing we had a whole day to ourselves, we’d been planning to go to Sundsvall, the closest big city to Ange, to go to the water park for the day. However, we didn’t go in the end because between us, we didn’t plan it very well so I think we’re going to go next week!

We stayed in Ange instead and on the way back from the gym Lloyd (my team-mate) and I discovered that there was a music/fun-fair event taking place not too far from our apartment. We thought it would be a good idea to go down in the afternoon, it was raining a little bit but we still went.

There was a stage with someone playing music but it wasn’t my type of music, however, there were a few other things going on and there was a lot of people there so we stayed for a while.

Tomorrow I think one of the lads is going to take us fishing at a river just outside Ange and hopefully we can catch some pike or salmon.