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Goodbye Dom

17/09/07 |

As usual we had weights first thing with Geoff Monday morning. We did some back squatting with heavy weights for the first time. They were great, it felt like having a back massage when I was doing it, getting rid off all my aches and pains! After this it was outside for a 9-a-side game. As usual it was very competitive, my team eventually winning 3-2 after a long period of ‘next goal wins’.

After that I went round to watch the pros while they did some finishing in preparation for their match with Scunthorpe tomorrow night. They were all in good sprits after their win at the weekend. In the afternoon we did pilates and then it was back to the digs before returning to the training ground for coaching at night. Unfortunately four of the lads had decided to move out of the digs over the weekend for various reasons. One of them was Dom. This meant no more Pro Evo rivalry, me beating him 5-0 in his final match, but it did mean a room all to myself!