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Football's Back On The Television!

14/06/12 |

On Saturday we played a team called Forssa BK in Borlange which is three and half hours away from Ange.

Most of our away games have been three or more hours away so I should be used to it by now but it still doesn’t make it any easier to get up at six o’clock in the morning.

We won the game 3-0 and they were one of the better teams we’ve met so far in the league. The journey back never seems that bad or as long when you’ve won.

Since the Euro 2012 competition started last week me and the lads I live with have watched nearly every game. It’s so good to have football back on the television, at times we’ve even watched Swedish women’s football because it’s been the only football on!

Our coach decided to move our training from Monday night to Sunday because England and Sweden were both playing Monday night.

Before the England match the Manager sent me a text saying good luck but I don’t think he realised they would need it more than us! We had one of the Swedish players from the team over to watch the game and we were all celebrating and happy that England won and he was fuming that Sweden lost.

England are playing Sweden on Friday so hopefully it’ll be another chance to rub their noses in it. On Friday I think we’re going to Sundsvall, and it’s my mum’s birthday coming up so hopefully I can find something nice that she’ll like.