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Patrick Nzuzi - Newcastle Utd

Focussing On Rehab

10/11/10 |

The last few weeks I’ve been focusing on my rehab programme after surgery for my hernia problem.

Ultimately I want to be back playing again as soon as possible so with that in mind it was great to hear that surgery had gone without problems. Even better was that fact that I was back on the treadmill just two days after the op.

The first few days was quite gentle stuff – a lot of walking and stretching to make sure I didn’t stiffen up and was able to keep as much mobility as possible in that area.

I’ve been working along with the Academy Physio Carl (Nelson), who’s joined in to do some rehab himself. I was out jogging a week after the surgery and I’d progressed with the stretches in the gym.

It’s always hard watching the lads go out for training when you’re not involved the session, but that keeps you motivated in the rehab sessions.

Two weeks after the operation I was running quicker and doing a bike work along with some core strength sessions in the gym. I feel fresh and eager to get back training and but as with any injury you need just keep a watchful eye on things, take your time and make sure you don’t aggravate anything.

Now in my third week I’ve started to be able to get in to some more intense work, lengthening my running and building up the pace, fitness circuits and some ball work. Much of this has been around turning with the ball which is for the purpose of building up that area of weakness around the original injury.

I feel a lot better and fresher than I ever did. I’m told that I’ve still got another two weeks out, but just I’m eager to be playing now. The lads have been doing really well without me with win’s against Leeds and Huddersfield Town so my next goal will simply just be getting back in the team.

On a final positive note it’s been really pleasing to see the first team doing so well – last week’s win took them up to fifth in the league and it’s great for everyone in the city to see the Club doing so well again.