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First Training Session For About A Month!

24/07/12 |

Great news… the Club offered both me and Iain contracts to come back in July after the season break and stay until the end of the season.

I was thrilled with this news, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time in Sweden and was happy to return to keep playing for Ange and hopefully get promoted.

Iain also agreed to come back but while he was home, changed his mind and decided not to return.

I arrived back in Sweden on Wednesday night after fourteen hours of travelling which included a two-hour car journey to Manchester, an hour wait for my connection flight from Copenhagen and finally a four-hour train journey from Stockholm to Ange.

However, the four-hour train journey was made more pleasant because I wasn’t on my own, Lloyd another English lad joined me on the journey which was a nice surprise. As you can imagine after my long day it was nice to finally reach my bed.

On Thursday we had our first training session for almost a month and it was nice to just get back to playing football. The current Iceland Manager and ex Sweden Manager is from Ange and was here visiting his parents – as a result he offered to take our training session. It was a great experience to be coached by someone with such experience and calibre.

Yesterday we played a friendly against our local rivals in a chance to get match fitness back before our first league game next Friday. We won the game 4-1 but they were a good team who passed the ball well and could of scored more goals. I think we could have played a lot better but we had only had one training session before the match and haven’t played in three weeks.

Today me, Lloyd and one of our team mates are going to watch a GIF Sundsvall game, which I’m really looking forward to because it’ll be nice to see the difference between a top flight Sweden team and the Premiership. I just hope it stays dry!