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Family Visits

29/08/13 |

Hello readers,

With only six games left until the end of the season, I cannot stress to you how important this weekend’s game against Solleftea is. Considering the fact next weekend we play Ostersund, in what I personally think will be the title decider, Saturdays game is a must win. However that isn’t the only reason we want to win.

This week seems to be the week everyone’s family has decided to visit, and though seeing their sons play is the most important thing, a win always helps. Lloyd’s dad and little sister flew in from Poland yesterday afternoon, and are staying till Monday. I think this is the first time his sister will have ever seen him play, so I’m sure he wants to win for her. Sam’s dad is arriving this today at some point, but unfortunately because of the train times and the ridiculous length of the train journey he doesn’t arrive in Ange till the earlier hours of tomorrow morning. Something that Sam isn’t particularly pleased about. And finally Kieron’s parents and girlfriend are arriving on Friday for four days, which should be nice for him.

On a personal note, I didn’t get chance to play in the 2-1 defeat earlier in the season because I was injured, so for me it would mean a lot to me if we won because as a player it is horrible to watch your team lose when you’re not involved in the game.

In addition, yesterday the other quarter final of the cup was played between Selanger and Kubikenborgs. Selanger won and we are now going to play them next Wednesday. This is awful timing with such big games in the league coming up but it something we’re going to have to deal with. Wish us luck,