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Experiencing The Dutch Coaching Philosophy

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31/07/15 |
Experiencing the Dutch coaching philosophy

The fourth day began with a 9 o’clock meet for breakfast downstairs, where once again the food tantalised our taste buds!

We then were told to report down at the bikes for 10 past 10, where we all met to leave for training.

We had another bike ride to the training ground, which was good fun once again.

Today was a different day as we were to be trained by Brabant United coaches. The morning session was focused on defending, whilst the afternoon was spent on attacking.

It was similar to what we work on back in Wolves, but it was a good experience to be taught by new coaches and hear their different views and opinions on what we should be doing.

It was also an eye opener for us to realise that teams in different countries also practise in a similar sort of way as us and to be the best you need to work hard at it all the time.

During the break between both the training sessions, we had lunch and had another good meal.

We weren’t back at training until 2:30, so we had a bit of free time to relax and most of us played table tennis, before going to our rooms to clear our heads for the next session.

After training was finished we had to wait until 7 o’clock for some dinner, so we had another bit of free time on our hands.

I went to the swimming pool to recover from training, making sure I’m ready for the game against Dordrecht under 19’s tomorrow.

After dinner we then had a meeting with the coaches to meet our new manager and do a bit of education before heading off to bed.

Big day ahead tomorrow!